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'Resonance' Armband und Ohrringe Resonance Armband und Ohrringe 'Affinity' Armband Goldschmied bei der Arbeit am 'Affinity' Armband

Sven Boltenstern Goldschmiede

3D printed fine jewelry, Wien

When the body and the object blend into one, the human being becomes a sculpture. «


Sven Boltenstern - goldsmith, sculptor, designer and musician - is already a living legend. In the 1960s and 70s he was one of the pioneers in modern goldsmith's work. He was given the "Diamond International Award" and granted membership in the London-based "Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths". He has lived and worked in America and in different European countries and has had much noted exhibitions all over the world. He has always been in close contact and inspired by other artists. Flowing curves and sculptural elements as well as the use of bold colours characterise Boltenstern's fascinating pieces of jewellery

unique and individual jewellery made from 18ct gold

Sven Boltenstern always tries to impart a maximum of emotion and drama to his jewellery. It should fit the body of the woman who wears it, and transfer the creator's passion and vision to her.


- necklaces
- bracelets
- earrings
- rings
- sculptures and objects



Sven Boltenstern Warenhandels-GesmbH

Marie Boltenstern
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