Gold & Silver Thread TERAYASU
Daigo Terashima
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65-2 Murasakino Nishisendocho Kita-ku, 6038246 Kyoto, Japan
»We'll support your Creation of Treasures, with our gold and silver threads.«

As a symbol of aspiration and pride, the briliance of gold and silver threads has been valued highly since a long time ago by noble people. 
Established about 120 years ago, Terashima Yasutarou Shoten has been supporting the creation of treasures in the form of threads for our region and customers.
Gold and silver threads have been used in the traditional Nishijin textile in Kyoto, decorative textiles for portable shrines as well as sumo wrestlers' ornamental aprons. Pure gold thread, especially, is still being made by hand using pure gold leaf and it is valued very highly because of its rarity.


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