Ceramic Tableware and Lighting Systems
President Teuyuki Nishio
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789 Shigaraki-cho Nagano, 529-1851 Koka City, Japan
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Incorporating new sensibilities to meet the needs today's lifestyles

The Uzanyo workshop was founded in 1939 in Kōka, a rural city in Shiga Prefecture, not far from Kyoto.  Kōka is the hometown of Shigaraki, one of the famous six ancient kilns in Japan and thus one of the oldest pottery producing spots in Japan.
Shigaraki ceramics have a rich history: the traditional techniques of the region have been handed down from craftsman to craftsman for more than 1000 years. Till today, the Shigaraki ware has retained its unique "wabi" and "sabi" styles in every single item - from large objects such as water jars to delicate tea utensils. 

Creating a sense of richness in our lives

Originally producing architectural reliefs and custom-made planters, Uzanyo has gradually expanded its product range to uniquely glazed tableware, lighting and other objects of daily use. Their products incorporate the Japanese concept of « Yo-no-bi » where functionality (Yo) is combined with beauty (Bi).

Vessels that continue to grow with their users

The Uzanyo ceramic workshops strives to maintain tradition while proposing ceramics that meet the needs today's lifestyles. Constantly searching for innovation and new sensitivities in their work, Uzanyo’s goal is to create vessels that continue to grow with their users and that have the capacity of gently illuminating the objects placed in them. The tableware is designed in a concern to complement the main food and thus the eating experience. Lighting collection highlights the workshops innovative force as the lamps are made of a new permeable clay that has the capacity of wonderfully transmitting light.

Uzanyo considers ceramics to be an essential tool that plays an undeniable role in creating a sense of richness in our daily lives.



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