Tayida Ounburanawan
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768, Soi Lat Phrao 101/1, Lane 21, Khlong Chan, Bang Kapi, 10240 Bangkok , Thailand

About our company

Marionsiam was established in the year 2019.

Due to the passion for Thai arts and crafts, all our products are handmade and created out of the artist's love of art. Each piece is unique known as “A truly wearable work of art”

In addition, most of the fabrics that we use are of good quality cotton is the leftover material from the textile industry as a starting material for production to help reduce waste and also reduce the production of CO2 to the environment.

The production process

Techniques that are often put forward in brands are “Batik in the style of Marionsiam”. Batik is a technique that Creating works with a history is more than 2000 years old. It is a creative technique by writing candles through talent and the unique experience of the craftsman, therefore, each work has its own uniqueness and charm. It is similar to a painting.

The typical Batik of Marionsiam is Urban batik, emphasizing the use of watercolor techniques to create patterns, soft tones, not vivid but still outstanding in Marionsiam's style.

Signature product

The parts of clothing structure of this collection are inspired by “Timeless”. It means the clothing structure is beyond time. It is a classic clothing structure that no matter how many eras have passed, we still wear it unchanged.

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Made in Thailand




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Behind the scenes 🧡💖💙 #marionsiamtextile #sketch
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Water stream 〰 #marionsiamtextile
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Let’s Celebrate our fashion show in Vienna Exclusive pre-order! Get 10% discount *Now until 30th Sep 2022 only! Anemone High-Waisted Mini Skirt Made of dead stock cotton Technique: hand-block printed batik Color: Black🖤 / Red❤️ Size: S,M,L S - Waist 26.5 inch M - Waist 27.5 inch L - Waist 28.5 inch Discount from 2,800฿ to 2,520฿ For more info please DM or [email protected] : @marionsiam ([email protected])
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