Makino Urushi Design
Urushi lacquer
Toshiyuki Makino
Adresse directions
130-18 Okubocho Asagura, 611-0033 Uji City, Japan
»Put our hearts into our hands«


Known as a sought-after painting material since ancient times, "urushi", sap of lacquer tree, has been a part of lifestyles in Japan. Along with the development of Japanese culture, not only practical daily items, but works of art have been produced with urushi. We at Makino Urushi Kogei Co.,Ltd. in Kyoto are a group of experienced lacquer artisans, involved with a wide variety of lacquer work, from temple/shrines to contemporary art.

Combining the tradition with a new sense of beauty, we have launched the new brand Makino Urushi Design to revive urushi in contemporary life.
Aiming for a new vision for urushi, we carry out collaborations with artisans and designers of different fields in order to produce objects that have never been seen before.



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