Ijiri Suiun Carving studio
Hikone buddhist altar Kaminyu Wood carving association
Ijiri carving 3rd generation, Hikone Buddhist Altar Sculpture Division Traditional Craftsman Kazushige Ijiri
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Kaminyu 1858, 521033 Maibara City, Japan
»Convey the beauty of wood carving to people«

Suiun Carving, a traditional technique handed down from generation to generation

The history of Ijiri Sculpture Studio began in 1935, when Suiun Ijiri, the first generation of the company, started his business as Suiun Carving.
Since then, we have been making Kaminyu sculptures for more than 70 years up to the present day.

Suiun carvings are often full of realistic three-dimensionality, and we can carve a variety of works from carvings of shrines and temples, festivals portable shrines, to detailed carvings such as Buddhist altars and traditional balustrades (ranma). Suiun carving is characterized by its ability to carve a variety of works.

The founder of our wood carving studio had an established reputation for his skill that he was able to present his works  to the imperial family.
His technical skills were passed down to the second and third generations, and continue to the present day.

Ijiri Sculpture Works also places importance on applying the sculpting techniques inherited from its predecessors to works of art that are in tune with the times.

The company is not limited to shrines and temples, but also focuses on the production of carved nameplates for ordinary homes and signboards for stores and other establishments.
The works, which are carved by hand one by one by craftsmen, have warmth and originality, and have a mysterious charm that attracts people.

We will do our best every day to please as many people as possible with our works that make the most of our engraving techniques.


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