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» You cannot argue about good taste, but it can be acquired «
Augarten porcellain manufactory, Vienna
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» Rastl. My good luck! «
Ulli Brandauer-Rastl, Dirndl-fashion und healthcare, Bad Aussee / Salzkammergut
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» When you go from a normal glass to this, it modifies your behaviour. You become more graceful «
Murray Moss
J&L Lobmeyr, Manufacturer of glass and chandeliers
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» You don't eat chocolate - you actually celebrate it «
Johannes Bachhalm, Chocolate manufactory, Kirchdorf an der Krems
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» Bespoke shoes «
Gerhard Wieser, Master shoemaker, Vienna
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» Is there anything more beautiful than a festive table lavishly set with silverware? «
Paul Vaugoin, Jarosinski & Vaugoin, silversmiths, Vienna
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» We tailor joie de vivre «
Stefan Wimmer, Tailor of traditional costume, Salzburg

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... first-rate master craftsmen, manufactures and venerable establishments all around the world. It unites purveyors to kings and queens and manufacturers of luxury goods, as well as small workshops, where items of superior quality are produced with great attention to detail. This way they achieved international significance.