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The Idea

MEISTERSTRASSE is a label for outstanding workshops, master craftsmen, choice manufactures and culinary delights. Additionally, MASTERSGUILD stands for first-rate workshops and manufactures, that have earned international significance and have devoted themselves to the luxury of handicraft.
We see MEISTERSTRASSE and MASTERSGUILD as a directory and signpost around craft in all its diversity and excellence. Between classics and insider tips you will find the artisans who, thanks to their skills and passion, captured our attention. We want you to discover what you have always been looking for!

How it all began

In the mid 1990s - we were both very young - we found out that we had a passion in common: Discovering beautiful objects, which carried their maker's signature, objects that were deeply rooted in regional tradition, had a distinctive aura, looked wonderful or tasted great...In short: something really unique.

But we didn't want to keep our discoveries a secret, they had to be acknowledged and cherished by a broader public.

That's why we introduced our seal MEISTERSTRASSE and MASTERSGUILD as its exclusive brand, to distinguish those companies we were enthusiastic about.

What we love

Family history
Our great-grandfather Stefan Rath managed the family business J&L Lobmeyr, founded in 1823, purveyor to the Court of Austria-Hungary, during the first decades of the 20th century. With his uncompromisingly high demands on quality and aesthetics he lay the theoretic groundwork for our work. (Stefan Rath: "Lobmeyr - Vom Adel des Handwerks", 1962, Herold-Verlag, Vienna) He was in constant exchange with the designers Adolf Loos and Josef Hoffmann and, being also a good networker, was one of the founding fathers of the "Wiener Werkstätte" and "Österreichischer Werkbund". That's why we love tradition-minded and family-run companies, which draw their entrepreneurial power from the creativity of past generations and have set standards on an international scale.

Love of handicrafts
We think highly of creative people, who, being craftsmen, produce something new, continue traditions or set new trends. They practise their craft with passion and care. For them it is philosophy.

Enthusiasm for design and artistic creativity
It is with great admiration that we follow the work of young and creative contemporaries, who produce something for our modern times by extracting new ideas out of traditional crafts.

We have set our hearts on culinary specialties and their producers, who infuse regional recipes with fresh ideas and create gastronomic masterpieces, which delight and enchant our palates.
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What we do

It is still our favourite part of the job to look for out-of-the-ordinary products, makers and masters, whom we want to recommend warmly to you under the seal of the MEISTERSTRASSE.
That's why the TV-station NDR called us "Meisterdetektive", when they portrayed us and our work for MEISTERSTRASSE HAMBURG: NDR: Typisch! Die Meister-Detektive

Good PR, exciting co-operations with the press and lobbying for a modern culture of crafts are the foundation needed to close the gap between craftsmen and the discerning consumer. Therefore "puff" is one of our main concerns.

"Good design is the result of know-how, the ability to observe and the talent to translate contents into a logical image."
This sums up in a few words Christiane Krämer' work. She helps us and our partners to a consistent image, an image that is needed for optimal communication. To achieve this she is working closely with MEISTERSTRASSE's photographers, authors and printers.

In MEISTERSTRASSE's printed products each company's identity and singularity is translated to a convincing layout.
In the end it becomes tangible as you hold our beautifully printed catalogues in your hands!

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WHO ARE WE? (or: what do others say about us?)

Nicola Rath, Historian and Environmental Economist

She loves to think ahead of the pack. Her dream is to set up a global hallmark for outstanding handicraft and she is working out new strategies to further develop the MEISTERSTRASSE.

She takes care of external and internal communication, finds networks and partners for co-operations and writes all kinds of texts.

She is passionate about travels, Paris, feasting, cooking, interiors, the Alps, big waves, the theatre, Le Nozze di Figaro, Goethe, Gingko, vetches and fly agarics. Sometimes she needs to work with her hands and she finds herself creating huge objects out of papier mâché or pasting clippings of her favourite magazines on chairs. Sometimes she exercises riding her bicycle, skiing or swimming. She also happens to play her heart out on the piano or on the transverse flute.

Christoph Rath, Mechanical Engineer, MBA, Environmental Economist

He hails from the Viennese glass and chandelier-making dynasty Lobmeyr and loves to wax philosophical about crafts with outstanding creators in their workshops. This fuels his creativity for the dynamic development of the MEISTERSTRASSE.

He is MEISTERSTRASSE's organizer, always in control of the business side of things. He makes sure creative ideas stay firmly rooted in reality.

His passions are travelling, Rome, good wine, sushi, old buildings, cold mountain lakes and palm beaches, domestic fish, gingko and gnomes. He finds peace in gardening, laying out patches, trimming hedges and working on his bonsais. He loves music from the baroque era and is also a fervent dancer waltzing and boogieing! He is also not too bad at rowing, sailing and biking.

Oh yeah, and Christoph and Nicola are married and not only are they mad about each other, but they are also mad about their four daughters and one son. And all of them grew up with the MEISTERSTRASSE being child number six.
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Austria is our home and the MEISTERSTRASSE's heart and soul will always remain there.

However, we put out our feelers towards the east and the west, the north and the south. Now we have offices in two locations, one in Vienna and one in Hamburg. From there we travel all around the world in order to spread our idea of the MEISTERSTRASSE.

Austria and Germany set aside, we are planning other European MEISTERSTRASSE in Switzerland, in the Netherlands and in Hungary. MEISTERSTRASSE in Thailand and Japan are also on our mind.

We have close contacts in all these countries and we are looking forward to presenting you the most excellent workshops and companies.


We'd love to be in different places at the same time... and are not able to do so. That's why our team is looking for support:

If you are interested in acting as a scout for us, looking for unique products, companies and workshops, or if you would like to establish a regional MG let us know!