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» When you go from a normal glass to this, it modifies your behaviour. You become more graceful «
Murray Moss
J&L Lobmeyr, Manufacturer of glass and chandeliers
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» You cannot argue about good taste, but it can be acquired. «
Augarten Porcelain manufactory, Vienna
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» Our credo is: Translating our father's style into the present. «
A.E.Köchert, Jewellers, Vienna
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» I'd rather work for ten days on one item, than to produce ten items on a single day. «
Silver manufactory, Vienna

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... craft in all its diversity and excellence: outstanding workshops, master craftsmen, choice manufactures and culinary delights. We want MEISTERSTRASSE to act as a directory and signpost around crafts, where you will find the artisans who, thanks to their skills and passion, captured our attention.