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» Almost everybody in Hamburg knows this whole grain bakery «
Thomas Effenberger, whole grain bakery, Hamburg
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» Jewellery in harmony: sensual and elegant «
Silvia Seliger, Goldsmith, Hamburg
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» Good clothing takes time and we take that time. «
Uwe Müller, Bespoke tailor and wardrobe master, Hamburg
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» I find it fascinating to communicate the theory and practice of my craft in order to make the book more palpable. «
Karen Begemann, Bookbinder, Hamburg
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» My studio stands for high quality, handmade jewellery and the use of eco-fair materials «
Thomas Becker, Atelier for jewellery, Hamburg
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» Sustainability and co-operation will yield to growth, when you are developing your products. «
Jan-Cort Hoban, Mr Hoban's Coffee Roastery, Hamburg
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» Not only does a stone have to look great,
it has to feel good, too. «
Christoph Freier, Goldsmith, Sylt
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» Sophisticated elegance made out of paper fabric «
Silke Janssen, Weaver, Hamburg

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... first-rate master craftsmen, manufactures and venerable establishments all around the world. It unites purveyors to kings and queens and manufacturers of luxury goods, as well as small workshops, where items of superior quality are produced with great attention to detail. This way they achieved international significance.