Kobe Leather Cooperative
Adresse directions
1-5-7 Higashikawasaki-cho, Chuo Ward, 650-8571 Kobe, Japan

KOBE LEATHER, Upcycled Leather of World Famous "Kobe Beef"!

"Kobe Leather" is the reclaimed leather of the world famous Kobe Beef.
Every step from production of beef to leather tanning are traceable and done in Hyogo Prefecture, where city of Kobe belongs to.
Kobe Leather Cooperative, only manufacturer of Kobe Leather, is willing to collaborate with many different companies and brands in order to give a new life to this special material.
1, Thoroughly traceable leather, every face of the people related in the production are visible.
2, Best tanneries in Japan, congregated in Tatsuno city, Hyogo Prefecture.
3, Local brand aspiring circular society, supported by local government and educational institutions.

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